SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( —  A South Los Angeles family says their missing pet was lost and the person who found their beloved dog not only refuses to give him back, they’re sending the family taunting text messages.

It’s a story that is Only On 9.

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KCAL9’s Tom Wait spoke to the distraught family who want little Cashmere back.

“Why go out of your way to be mean?” says Adneisha White.

She is coping with a bizarre case of dognapping.

White, a dog breeder, gave the pooch to a family friend but the  dog soon went missing. The person who found the dog saw flyers the friend put up and told the friend via text the dog was fine … and they weren’t returning him.

White is mad. She raised little Cashmere from the time he was a puppy. And she wants him back.

“[This person] went from dog rescuer to dog thief in a matter of minutes,” she said.

White said the people who found 4-month-old Cashmere are also sending photos of him playing with another dog and a young girl.

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“The frustrating thing is, somewhere in their twisted little heads,” White said, “they think they’re doing us a favor by telling us, ‘Oh, don’t worry. He’s safe.'”

White read one of the recent texts to Wait.

“He is so sweet and we have a big house where he will get loads of love. I cannot find it in myself to give him back. Sorry. He is safe.’ My friend replied back, ‘No, please bring him home and I will pay you anything.’ And then she reiterates ‘anything.'”

The person allegedly wrote back, “Sorry, you can see he is happy with my family.”

A tearful White said she is worried sick about the puppy.

“I really wanted him to be safe,” she says, “I tried, I worked really, really hard to make sure that I picked just the right people.”

White’s mother, Denise, said, “We just really want him to come back home. This is where he started. This is where he needs to be.”

The text messages came from an encrypted app and, so far, cannot be traced.

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Wait reports police are now involved in the case.