CARLSBAD ( — Two people on board a helicopter were killed when the aircraft spun out of control after landing and burst into flames in Carlsbad.

The aircraft went into a terrifying spin that lasted about 2 minutes before breaking apart and erupting into flames.

It happened shortly before 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at McClellan-Palomar Airport in northern San Diego County.

Witnesses say the helicopter appeared to have a normal landing and the two on board tried to get out, but when the rotors lost control, it started spinning until the tail broke off.

Perry Kagan, a witness, shot video that showed the helicopter spinning before it burst into flames. Firefighters eventually doused the flames.

“We’re just speculating what the problem was this part of the aircraft was not functioning at some time and that was what created that spin,” said SKY2’s Stu Mundel. “The aircraft disintegrated
after a prolonged amount of time spinning there on the ground.”

The NTSB remained on scene on Wednesday night. They have not released any information about the helicopter or the victims.