NEWPORT BEACH ( — A Southern California couple hopes to turn their tragedy into productivity, dedicating themselves to helping keep pet dogs safe from other, more aggressive dogs or even wild coyotes.

Paul and Pamela Mott created the Coyote Vest after their small dog, Buffy, was taken by a coyote.

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“When I wasn’t looking, and my little Buffy was just thirty feet away, a sneaky coyote flew out of the bushes and grabbed her and took off with her, and I couldn’t catch him,” Paul said. “He was too fast, and he hid, and I’ve never seen her again.”

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The $60 basic version vest made of kevlar features a number of protective components, including a spike-strip along the neck and defensive whiskers, and a “coyote zapper” that releases a shock when a predator’s teeth apply pressure.

Pet owner Sue Costanzo took notice of the vest after 28 dogs were lost to coyotes in her neighborhood.

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“I’m hoping that once they attack, and they see that it hurts them, they’re not going to go back,” Costanzo said.