LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Malibu parents are saying that it is thanks to their own independent testing that toxic dangers at Malibu High School have recently been brought to light.

Many angry parents are now being investigated for vandalism and trespassing after the Malibu/Santa Moniva School District says they caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage while taking samples for testing last year.

“It makes me furious. It’s ludicrous, and it’s hypocritical,” concerned parent Beth Lucas said.

Parents including Cindy Crawford helped pay for the tests they say found high levels of cancer-causing chemicals.

The school district says they’ve since removed the toxins to abide by federal standards.

Many parents, however, say more needs to be done and have filed lawsuits against the district.

Actor and Director Anson Williams says this investigation is meant to hurt those lawsuits.

“They’re using it as a tool to get away form having to face the facts of the reality of the problem,” Williams said.

The school district spokeswoman says they were notified about the vandalism just a few weeks ago.

“We expect local citizens to be law-abiding and not vandalize our property,” Gail Pinkser of the Santa Monica / Malibu School District said.

However, some parents argue that those samples had to be obtained.

“There are an unlimited number of parents who will line up and get arrested in pursuit of exposing the truth,” Hope Edelman said.


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