ORANGE ( — A book tour featuring actresses Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler turned into an unforgettable evening when a couple in the audience convinced the celebrities  to officiate their wedding ceremony on the spot.

Brownstein and Poehler were taken by surprise during the book reading, which was taking place on Tuesday in Pasadena, when two fans ambushed them to request an impromptu wedding ceremony.

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Kendall Oshiro and Genevieve Hernandez had been planning to elope when they discovered that Brownstein is an ordained minister. It was then they decided to bring their marriage licnese and rings to the event, which, conveniently, was held at a church.

During the event’s question-and-answer portion, the couple asked the actresses to officiate their wedding right then and there.

“We just thought of it as like a chance we were going to take, kind of like a joke, because we figured they’d be really polite and (say) ‘oh no, but thank you, we appreciate it’,” Oshiro said.

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To the couple’s surprise, the celebrities agreed.

“(It was) kind of a dream come true, and a dream we haven’t woken up from yet,” Oshiro said.

Poehler handed flowers to the couple, then sat down at the piano to play “Greenleaves”, joking that it was the only song she knows.

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The sold-out crowd cheered for the couple upon the ceremony’s conclusion. Brownstein had become ordained because she is marrying her friends in the near future.