LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The colder weather has been a big hit in the local mountains so far.

“This is lovely. I like this kind of weather,” Big Bear resident Phyllis Mason said.

“You’ve got the fall, the trees changing and cold nip in the air. I’m from New York, so I think that’s why I like it so much,” she added.

A little snow dropped on Monday night, making a lot of people happy in the mountains.

“We’re originally from Missouri,” Kayla Hileman said. “So yes, we like to see the seasons up here,”

Doug Wells, a Running Springs resident, agrees, saying “It’s cold today, it feels good and brisk, and the sun’s out, it’s nice.”

The sun has already started to melt what little snow fell on Monday night at Snow Summit, and in just a couple of hours, it should all be gone.

Local ski resorts are starting to prepare for the ski season, as Clayton Shoemaker, a spokesperson for the Snow Summit resort, told CBS2’s Crystal Cruz.

“Our guys are going to come out here tonight and check the temperatures, and see if we can start making snow and get this place going,” Shoemaker said.

“No official date is set yet, but we’re ready and we’ll make it happen as soon as we can,” he added.

Down at the village, a few out-of-towners from Las Vegas like what little snow they did see.

“It never snows in Vegas, and if it does, it’s up in the mountains and melts a few days later,” Chelsea Carothers said.

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