PASADENA (  —  Los Angeles Police and the CHP chased a suspect for more than two hours Sunday from Altadena to downtown LA and back.

The chase started just before 5:30 p.m. on the 10 Freeway and continued on at least nine other freeways and several side streets before police called off the chase.

The suspect was reportedly wanted for making criminal threats out of Altadena.

The suspect was chased on the 2, 5, 10, 57. 110, 118, 134, 210, 405 and 605 Freeways.

According to Pasadena Police the incident started as a routine traffic stop.

Cordon Spencer, reporting in Sky2, said the suspect has been methodically going about 80 mph. As the chase continued, the suspect began speeding up and CHP estimated he was going as much as 115 mph.

It was unknown if the suspect, believed to be a male, was armed. The chase was ultimately called off because police believed the suspect was becoming an increasing threat to public safety. They also said they know who the suspect is and told City News Service, “We will get him.”

After an hour-and-a-half on numerous freeways, the suspect got off the 210 in Santa Anita.

He went down one street the wrong way and nearly hit another motorist head-on.

The suspect briefly got back on the 210 and then got off again and drove erratically  on Foothill Boulevard.

He made a series of turns on residential streets in the Pasadena area.

At one point it appeared the CHP flying overhead lost the suspect through thick trees and foliage in residential neighborhoods.








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