SANTA MONICA ( — One of Southern California’s most respected hospitals is dealing with a cockroach infestation that has forced them to shutdown their cafeteria.

St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica has treated famous patients like Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Ronald Reagan since it’s inception in 1942.

The hospital has confirmed that Los Angeles County health inspectors found at least 10 live cockroaches this week inside a cafeteria kitchen.

A spokeswoman for the hospital blamed the hot weather for enticing bugs to go inside, saying “Providence St. John’s apologizes for the inconvenience to our visitors, physicians, and staff, and while it’s difficult to control these natural occurrences,  [St. John’s] pledges continued diligence in ensuring cleanliness and safety.”

The cafeteria closure has not affected ‘patient’ meals, which are prepared in another area of the hospital.

Food is also being brought in from an outside source for staff members.

However, the cafeteria closure has left some visitors like Catherine Wright feeling uncomfortable.

“That’s a bad thing. It should have been seen,” Wright said.

Hospital officials say they expect to re-open the cafeteria on Saturday, and in the meantime, visitors are being provided a list of local restaurants.

“I’m shocked. I’m really shocked and it’s absolutely unacceptable” current patient Shalini Verma said.