MOJAVE (  —  As work crews continue to extricate vehicles from mud caused by flash floods around the southland on Thursday, there is an effort underway to find a missing man.

The man’s friend’s believe he may have been swept away by flash floods.

Richard Harvall’s friends are worried that they haven’t heard from the Boron resident.

“I’m a good friend of his,” said John Williams who was helping in the search with more than a dozen others.

“We’re anxious to help find him,” Williams said.

Officials with Kern County told Mills at this point they didn’t know if they were on a rescue or a recovery mission.

All they do know is they are looking for Harvall, reportedly swept away by flood waters.

Friends said Harvall has property up in the canyons and he stays there for weeks at a time. He would go home to his wife and kids on the weekend, friends told Mills.

Another friend, Ian Cornelius, said he had to help in the search effort.

“He’s my friend. If I was out here lost,” Cornelius said, “I’d hope my friends would come out here looking for me.”

Faith Rodrigues was another friend looking for Harvall.

“If I could, “she said, “I’d be here all night looking for him, until we find him.”