FONTANA ( — Three cameras managed to capture a spectacular crash along the 210 freeway in Fontana, in which a pickup flew off the pavement and directly into a Honda dealership.

The out-of-control truck was seen striking a Mustang before it flipped over an embankment. California Highway Patrol says the truck was speeding before losing control.

As the truck continued its high speed throughout its roll, it finally came to rest on its side in the parking lot of Rock Honda.

Another perspective is that of the inside of the Mustang, which spun as the truck is seen flying in the air.

The third video is security surveillance captured from the dealership. This video shows the truck flipping and falling, eventually crashing into parked cars.

“I was amazed,” Rock Honda sales representative Marc Green said. “The person driving the car must have been going 110 miles per hour.”

The truck traveled quite a distance from the freeway lanes to the dealership. It first had to go up a steep embankment before traveling several more yards before striking two fences and a lightpost, leaving behind a wake of damage.

At least nine cars on the Honda lot were damaged, with hoods being smashed in, scrapes and broken windows.

“I never thought that could happen, never,” Green said. “But, it happened. And it’s a horrible tragedy.”

Firefighters spent 20 minutes working to cut the driver, Richard Garcia, out of the truck. Garcia is recovering in a hospital.

Garcia says he was cut off and that the incident did not result from a fit of road rage. CHP is investigating the crash.


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