VAN NUYS ( —A judge is expected to decide whether a former babysitter will stand trial over accusations that she shook an infant so hard she left him severely disabled.

A preliminary hearing was held on Wednesday for Monica Rezonable, who stands accused of abusing Calin Samora.

Samora was born in July of 2013, the second child to parents Lori and Gilbert.

He was happy and healthy.

At age 2, Calin is unable to walk or talk and has permanent brain damage and severe vision loss. He suffers from dozens of seizures a day.

“It’s heartbreaking because you think, ‘Why should he have to suffer like this his whole life?’ ” Lori Samora, Calin’s mother, said.

On Wednesday, Calin’s parents faced Rezonable.

“It makes me angry to see the indifferent look on her face and to see her free and know how much my son suffers and how he’ll never be free,” said Samora, who testified that she was working from home on the day in question back in Oct. 2013 and was on a conference call in her bedroom.

Around noon, Samora says Rezonable knocked on the door and said it was an emergency.

“He was gurgling. You could tell he wasn’t breathing,” Samora recalls.

Samora administered CPR and says her then three-month-old son was bleeding from his nose.

“And you’re just pleading with God and anyone to save him at that moment,” Samora said.

Calin was diagnosed at the hospital with a skull fracture and brain bleed. He was also temporarily blind.

The Samoras allege that Rezonable gave them a number of stories about what happened.

“After she got her lawyer was when she decided to come up with a story that she slipped on a hardwood floor, dropped him, he hit his head and he wasn’t breathing so she shook him to revive him,” Samora alleges.

After the end of the preliminary hearing, which is expected to continue to Thursday, a judge will decide if Rezonable will stand trial.

Sharon Marshall, Rezonable’s attorney, issued the following statement to CBS Los Angeles: “Monica committed no crime. We will be asking the judge to dismiss this case. This was a terrible accident.”

The Samoras say, regardless of what challenges they face in court and with their son, they’ll push on.

“I’m happy he’s here. No matter what condition he is. You know, I’ll take him. He’s my son. He’s my boy and you know, if he has needs, we’ll provide,” Gilbert Samora, Calin’s father, said.

A fundraising page has been established to assist with Samora’s medical costs. Click here for more information.

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