LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Santa Monica is known as the endpoint for Route 66 and the birthplace for much of California’s beach culture.

Now the city has a new designation: drunkest city in California.

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That honor comes from the website RoadSnacks, which compiles rankings in a number of categories for various states.

In ranking the drunkest cities in California, the site used as its criteria five things: number of bars and pubs per capita, number of wineries per capita, number of liquor stores per capita, each city’s drunk-related tweets within the past week and each city’s divorce rate.

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The results weren’t even close, the site said.

“Wow, Santa Monica, you are tore up from the floor up! Based on the data and number of raw tweets coming from your location, per capita, it sounds like the people there are all having a really, really good time,” wrote the post’s author, Bud Tapman.

Coming in second was Santa Barbara, known for a raucous party atmosphere surrounding UC Santa Barbara. Not surprisingly, Napa, the heart of California wine country, placed third.

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Here’s the entire top 10:

  1. Santa Monica
  2. Santa Barbara
  3. Napa
  4. Pasadena
  5. Sacramento
  6. Newport Beach
  7. Oakland
  8. Livermore
  9. San Mateo
  10. El Cajon