RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — More cash for less grass?

The Riverside City Council is expected to vote this week on a plan to provide new rebates to homeowners who remove water-guzzling lawns.

The old rebate program by the city of Riverside was so popular that Riverside Public Utilities asked the City Council to vote on a new rebate program.

Janine Milligan, a Riverside resident, was part of the previous program.

She not only received money back for turning her lawn into a more drought-friendly landscape, but also saves on her monthly water bill.

“My water bill has gone, probably been cut by 60 percent at least,” she said.

The new rebate would give back $1.5 million for turf removal and water-saving plants.

The city would pay $1 per square-foot of grass removed.

“The public has been very receptive to the program. They went through the rebates that were available previously very quickly,” Mike Gardner of the Riverside City Council said. “I expect they will to these ones as well.”

Customers who applied earlier for the old rebates would need to reapply for the new program if it’s approved.

Milligan says it was the best decision.

“I feel good about taking out the grass or at least the majority of it and putting in some plants that look pretty and help with the drought,” she said.

The city will be voting on the program Tuesday evening.


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