VICTORVILLE ( — A Good Samaritan helping a stranded driver in Tuesday’s floods endured a terrifying trip through a storm drain in Victorville.

Nick Moore says he was helping a motorist when he lost his footing, fell, and was sucked into the storm drain in the 13300 block of Bear Valley Road.

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“I honestly felt like last night that was going to be like my tomb,” says Moore of the storm drain.

It happened last night during the torrential downpours as Moore was trying to help a stranded driver. He explains that he was walking alongside a curb when he fell into a spot completely submerged by water.

“The next thing I know, I couldn’t even have enough time to take my breath. I got sucked in and went all the way to the college, got dumped out at the lake,” he said.

Moore tried not to panic.

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“I couldn’t breathe. I was covered with water. Whatever I had in my lungs was the right amount of air, obviously, but I was feeling the walls. My T-shirt got completely ripped off. My head hit the top quite a few times. I have contusions up here,” he said.

Moore was sent all the way across the street, through the parking lot, and emerged into a small lake under a community college. The distance he traveled was about two football fields.

“There was a point where I thought, I was like I’m done. This is gonna be it,” he said.

Besides some bruising, Moore is expected to be fine. As for the stranded driver, he able to get to safety.

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“I’m definitely not gonna be here the next rainstorm,” Moore said.