SAN ANTONIO HEIGHTS ( — Officers are warning residents about a curious bear spotted roaming an Inland Empire neighborhood.

The bear has been seen on several streets in San Antonio Heights near Upland beneath the mountains.

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“That’s kind of scary being right here on the street, but you know what? I respect them. Just like the coyotes, we have coyotes on the street sometimes,” Cheryl Kennedy, a homeowner, said.

“That is our front yard,” said Kennedy while looking at a photo of the bear, which was spotted at bottom of her driveway and was posted online. She had no idea the bear had stopped by.

“We live in their territory,” she said.

Neighbors say law enforcement officials were out on Monday warning residents about the bear.

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“He stopped and asked, ‘Did we see the bear?’ We said, ‘No, we didn’t.’ We’ve never seen him on this side of the heights,” Richard Cockrum, a homeowner, said.

Game wardens oftentimes will leave a bear alone in hope that it will return to the mountains.

Cockrum carries pepper spray for safety and calls it “bear spray.”

“But it’s been more of protection from the coyotes and things,” he said.

Kennedy suspects the bear came down as a result of the drought, as well as because it’s trash day.

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“They’re hungry and thirsty,” she said.