A pair of sweet-natured poodles struggling to survive in a sewer under the 5 Freeway are getting a fresh start after animal rescue workers got involved.

A team from the Hope For Paws group captured footage as they wedged into a sewer to retrieve the dogs. One of them can be heard saying, “I don’t know how we’re going to get out of here.”

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The video shows what it’s like to rescue animals from the streets, and how difficult it can be when those creatures have learned to distrust humans. Less than a week after it was posted to YouTube, the video has more than half a million views.

The two dogs, both bonded and likely siblings, crouched against the wall growling as the rescuers approached but eventually welcomed their touch.

The team pulled them out and took the dogs to the Hope For Paws facility for a makeover.

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They named the female dog “Cola” and the male dog “Pepsi.”

Soon after their makeover, the pooches got a visit from a family who had been feeding them when the dogs were strays.

Now Cola and Pepsi need a good home. To apply to adopt the pair, please contact Maltese Rescue California.

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To help Hope For Paws with their rescue efforts visit Hope For Paws online. To see more videos of their dramatic rescues visit Hope For Paws’ YouTube channel.