SAN GABRIEL ( — A San Gabriel food pantry that  has handed out food to families in need for 30 years will shut its doors next month if it cannot raise enough money to overcome significant financial challenges.

The People for People food pantry opened in 1984 with financial support from local churches. But over the years, as congregations changed, the food pantry lost that steady stream of funding.

The bills kept stacking up, however. The pantry’s expenses include utility bills, rent and repairs to its refrigerator and refrigerated truck.

Volunteer Sandy Tramell said the pantry closing would be a major blow to families and senior citizens in need.

“There are a lot of people who have a really hard time making it through the month with the food they can afford to get,” she said, fighting back tears. “So it’s sad to see it close.”

If the food pantry cannot raise enough money to cover its expenses, it will close as soon as Sept. 15.


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