SANTA MONICA ( — A new beer catering to women is making a name for itself but causing a stir with Budweiser.

Lupe Rose and Sonia Shelby, both from Lancaster, created the She Beverage Co., featuring 10 beers that are geared toward women.

The company decided to use the slogan “Queen of Beers.” Meanwhile, Budweiser, known as the “King of Beers” is less than pleased with the slogan.

Budweiser has filed a notice of opposition, saying “Queen of Beers” is too similar to “King of Beers.”

“I think that they are bullying us and trying to make us afraid,” Rose said. “You know our message is for women. We feel all women are queens. That’s really where it originated from, and so we named it the queen of beer.”

There are 100 locations selling the beer in Southern California, and the company says they are in talks to have the beer sold at Walmart stores nationwide.

Budweiser released a statement, saying: “It’s routine for us to oppose trademark filings to protect our intellectual property and prevent confusion among consumers.”

The She Beverage Co. has hired an attorney and plans to fight Budweiser to keep its slogan.


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