ANAHEIM HILLS ( — A 66-year-old woman was hospitalized Tuesday night after she was bit in her own bathroom by a rattlesnake.

The woman was bit on the foot.

The bite was the second in four days in the neighborhood, with a neighbor’s dog also being bitten last week.

“I looked back, and he kind of jumped away, and I saw the outline of the snake, recoiling back to where it was,” Danielle Contreras said. “I’ve been a little bit paranoid just as it is, after what happened, walking around, now I’m definitely a little bit more paranoid that it could be in the house.”

Contreras said she didn’t hear a rattle, and that it was a baby rattlesnake that bit her beagle on Friday night. The dog promptly received anti-venom from the veterinarian, and is now recovering.

Fire officials say the appearance of rattlesnakes in the area is no rare occurrence.

“The reason why we’re seeing more and more snake calls, and snake incidents, is because it’s so dry,” Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi said. “We have this drought, it’s the fourth year of a serious drought, and it’s been so hot lately. These snakes are trying to find water.”

Fire officials want to remind residents that rattlesnake bites can be deadly, so you must call 9-1-1 immediately you or someone around you is bit.

Other tips include not putting ice on the bite, and any limbs that are bit, whether it be on the arm or the leg, should be kept below the heart.

Finally, fire officials say to keep all doors leading into your home closed.


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