As military jobs become more technical and multifarious, educational requirements will continue to rise, according to the government. Although service members work in vocations specific to the Armed Forces, many hold posts equivalent to civilian occupations, such as attorneys.

(Photo Courtesy of Major Shannon V. Shambersky)

(Photo Courtesy of Major Shannon V. Shambersky)

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While defending our nation’s interests, trained protective service personnel enforce military laws and assist during disasters. Security specialists investigate acts of lawlessness committed on military property and guard inmates in military correctional units. Military police may be needed to respond to emergencies, control traffic and prevent crime. It is a rewarding career path that often starts with the Army Reserved Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).

“I earned my commission through Army ROTC,” said Major Shannon V. Shambersky, a professor of military science at the University of California, Los Angeles. “The program provided mentorship, instruction in basic military skills, and opportunities to expand my critical thinking ability through courses in military history and summer training events designed to challenge and build confidence.”

How is Army ROTC prepping students for future professions?

“Army ROTC readies cadets to be the next generation of Army leaders, in over 30 fields, from military police to cyber-security specialists. It prepares young men and women to take charge in an organization built on loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.”

How does Army ROTC help mold tomorrow’s pacesetters?

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“Army ROTC prepares future leaders to solve complex issues, build diverse teams and overcome any challenges.”

What incentives are you offering students?

“Army ROTC is a meaningful way to earn money for college tuition. It offers scholarships that pay for tuition and monetary rewards for taking language courses. Our cadets participate in numerous leadership training events, which help commissioned officers develop the skills necessary in a 21st century global environment.”

What is your message to potential ROTC recruits?

“For anyone aspiring to serve their country, ROTC is a program that will train you to be a leader. If you are looking for a program that makes you stand out from your peers, enroll in Army ROTC and become a leader in the world’s best-trained, best-equipped and best-led Army.”

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