LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Los Angeles City Council members gave their preliminary support Tuesday to an ordinance that would require guns to be safely stored within a residence.

In a unanimous 14-0 vote, the City Council instructed its attorneys to prepare the ordinance, which would closely follow a recent Sunnyvale law that has so far stood up to legal challenges from gun rights groups, proponents said.

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The ordinance will have to return to the council for a final vote.

In fact, state laws already require all guns to be sold with trigger locks or safe storage, but they don’t go as far as mandating that the safeguards are actually used. This mandate was written to require all guns that are not in used to be locked, trigger-locked, or stored in a locked container.

Councilman Paul Krekorian along with five other council members say the measure is intended to make families and children safer.

“We are setting an example that other cities, states and Congress should follow,” said Krekorian. “Taking action on gun safety will save lives and increase public safety. It’s about keeping guns safely stored in peoples’ homes. No exceptions for law-enforcement officers. No exceptions for anyone.”

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Last week, council members voted to outlaw possession of high capacity ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds within city limits.

“It’s about keeping guns safely stored in peoples’ homes,” Krekorian said. “No exceptions for law-enforcement officers. No exceptions for anyone.”

Krekorian also says he anticipates heavy resistance from the National Rifle Association.

“I have every expectation that the NRA or some of its supporters, or some other group, will file a lawsuit against this,” Krekorian said. “They almost invariably do.”

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City officials said Los Angeles is now the largest city in California to do so.