REDLANDS ( — A downpour of rain and fierce winds left more than memories from Thursday’s storm across the Southland.

Hail and high winds barreled through an RV Park in Redlands during the storm, which was captured on video. In its aftermath, the storm left downed trees that pummeled at least one RV.

“All five of us were supposed to be in there,” said Tina Andrews, a Redlands resident. She and her family were supposed to be in that trailer, but by sheer luck, they moved to another mobile home the night before.

Had they been inside when the storms came through, this thought comes to mind: “that we would probably be dead, you know, or in the hospital,” Andrews said.

Witnesses in the area said the winds knocked down a number of trees and a massive tree came down last, landing atop an RV.

Cleanup and repairs will take time, but it’s expected to cost a lot of money.

“They said they’re not going to be here until Monday when we called them yesterday when it happened,” said Clifton Hicks, a Redlands resident, referring to his insurance carrier.

No one was seriously hurt.

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