RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA (KNX 1070) — Nursing student Barbara Decker, of Mission Viejo, happened upon an emergency situation a few weeks ago that put her training to the test.

Decker and her boyfriend Brandon Pace were walking around a community lake in Rancho Santa Margarita when they spotted a child choking.

Brandon, a self-professed workout enthusiast, hoisted Decker, a former cheerleader, over a six-foot fence to get to the child.

Decker is a nursing student at San Diego State University and told KNX 1070’s Diane Thompson it was the first time she had performed the Heimlich maneuver on an actual person. Her instructors told her that clearing an airway might take some effort and not to get discouraged.

Thanks to Decker’s quick thinking and unique skills she was able to save the child – and that’s what makes her KNX 1070’s Hero of the Week.


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