REDONDO BEACH ( — It was a touching moment that was captured on video: a woman carrying her frail father across the beachfront.

The clip, which was taken by Fred Chaparli on his cellphone, was sent to the CBS Los Angeles Facebook page.

“When I saw this lady carrying, it’s not easy just to hold him up, walking long, almost one mile,” Chaparli said. “It was really touching.”

Chaparli says he asked the woman for permission before taping the moment with her 84-year-old father.

“She said, ‘Yeah, of course ‘cause I’m doing this every week,’ ” he said.

Then, he says, the woman described how her father loved to exercise by the beach when he was young, and how he shouldn’t have to stop now.

So step by step, the unidentified woman was captured on tape helping her father up while walking along Redondo Beach.

The moment was especially emotional for Chaparli, who’s about to become a father himself.

“Is he going to care of us when we are 70s, 80s?” he asked.

Chaparli also recently lost his mother.

He says what he saw when he captured the video “gives him hope.”

“There are so many people in rehabs, nursing homes and the kids or family, they never go and visit them,” he said. “Even one family changed their mind, this video, it’s good.”

Chaparli didn’t grab the woman or her father’s name, but CBSLA would love to learn more about both seen in the clip.

If you recognize the pair, please head to the CBS Los Angeles Facebook page and let us know.