SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — Local activists took to the streets Monday night to raise awareness about a spike in violent crime in their community some blame on an alleged competition between gangs called “100 days of homicides.”

The use of the hashtag “#100daysand100nights” has surged over the past week, sparking fears of what many perceive to be a threat that two gangs are competing to be the first to kill 100 people in South Los Angeles.

“My mom lives in LA. I pray she doesn’t get hurt,” one tweet read.

Monday night, dozens of South L.A. community members came together to call for peace.

“I don’t know who you are where you feel like you can take somebody’s life! Who gave you the authority to just take something that doesn’t belong to you?” one man asked.

“Nobody owns any blocks. Nobody owns any streets. So it’s not your turf, gang members. It does not belong to you,” another man echoed to the crowd.

Last Saturday, the LAPD reported a man was shot to death on Hoover and 81st streets while a gang-related funeral was going on nearby.

The department’s 77th Division says it’s aware of the social media rumors and confirms there was a spike in gang shootings this weekend within the South Bureau. The department could not confirm if the rumors and shootings are related, however.

Still, worry is growing in the South L.A. community.

“I live on 97th and Normandy, and because I fear for my life, I have to drive all the way to Gardena on Artesia and Vermont just to feel safe to get gas,” one man said at the rally.

The Sheriff’s Department confirms deputies are aware of the rumors but denies there was a surge this weekend in gang violence within its jurisdiction.

If you have any information about the alleged “100 days of homicides,” the LAPD would like to hear from you.

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