LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  LAX Police are hoping the public can help them answer a year-long mystery.

Since last fall, police have been trying to find the rightful owners of a wedding album left behind at the airport.

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KCAL9’s Laurie Perez says authorities have all kinds of clues but no answers.

Usually by now, the unclaimed item would be tossed but police are not giving up on the pricey case of memories.

“They went all out on this,” says LAX Police Sgt Robert Pedregon.

That would be an understatement.

The wedding album is glass and leather bound. It showcases what appears to be a storybook wedding.

There are page after page of professional photos of the beaming bride and groom.

There are details about the reception – held March 15, 2012 at a hall in Afghanistan.

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The book also includes the name, phone number and Email address of the photog.

LAX Police have followed up on all those clues with no luck.

“When we call and say ‘Hey this is airport police we want to find the owners of this’, they’re probably not cooperative in that manner,” Pedregon says.

For almost a year, it’s been a lost and found mystery. Along with the album, flowered linens and a mirror were also found. They were all left in a briefcase found at the arrivals terminal at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal.

When police found the briefcase on September 15, 2014, they would have bet money the owners would have called about it almost immediately.

“Some people when they’re traveling from overseas and they lose an item they might think we [could have] left that in any number of places,” says Pedregon.

Airport police hold on to lost items for 97 days before throwing them away or selling them. But they are still hoping to reunite the (hopefully still happy) couple with their memories.

“It may be of no value to us but to the owners it’s priceless,” Pedregon says.

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“Maybe this story will go viral and we can locate the owners and that would be a great humanitarian story for all of us,” Pedregon says.