REDLANDS (  —  A day of fun in the sun and water nearly turned deadly for a 12-year-old girl.

But a mystery woman might have saved her life.

Lyndsey Pellegrini was playing at Splash Kingdom Water Park in Redlands when she ended up face down in the water and nearly-drowned.

Pellegrini and her family have reached out to CBS2’s Tom Wait in hopes of finding the mystery woman and Good Samaritan.

Cellphone video shows Pellegrini carefree, jumping on a trampoline at the park but moments after the video was shot on Tuesday, she would be found face down in the water at one of the park’s attractions.

“Someone came running up to me and was yelling Sheri, Sheri [it’s] Lyndsey – and immediately, I said oh my goodness she had a seizure,” says her mom Sheri Snyder.

The 12-year-old, in fact, had a seizure.

Lyndsey’s mom says her daughter is prone to seizures – they’re usually triggered by certain kinds of lighting – like a strobe effect. She never expected a seizure would happen outdoors at the water park..

“Because she was going a long with the current, the sun was hitting the water. It ended up causing her to have a seizure. And when she had her seizure she went completely under,” said her mom.

Lyndsey says everything went dark.

“I just blacked out. I have no idea [what happened next],” she said.

That’s when a mystery woman swooped into action and likely saved Lyndsey’s life.

“There was this beautiful woman that saw her, it happen. She lifted her out of the water immediately, flagged a lifeguard. She saved my daughter’s life. I need to find her,” says Sheri.

Lyndsey and her mom have been scouring social media to find the woman but have come up empty. They’re hoping the woman comes forward.

“I’m going to thank her so hard – thank you!” says Lyndsey.

The family is also praising the way the water park handled the situation. They say the staff was on scene very quickly and they were very helpful.


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