RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — More than a dozen female students at the University of California, Riverside are feeling violated after police say a hidden camera secretly recorded them in a dorm shower for more than a month.

“I was blown away and I couldn’t believe it,” said Philip Ference, a chef at UC Riverside. “I was just shocked when a student approached me and told me about the whole situation.”

Campus police allege that Justin Suh, a 19-year-old UCR student, placed a pen equipped with a camera in a vent in one of the dorm bathrooms near a shower at the West Lothian Residence Hall.

Police say one of the women saw it and reported it. Ference says he was with one of the women shortly after she found out about the recordings.

“She looked distraught. She was just shocked. She did not look the way she did the day previous or the week previous,” Ference said.

The search warrant alleges Suh made 20 videos of women showering some of which were ten minutes long.

After allegedly uploading the videos to his tablet or computer, the warrant claims he labeled the videos with the names and dorm rooms of the alleged victims.

Police say Suh denied the accusations at first, but then confessed.

“When [the officer] told Suh that he had to know why he was at the station and to tell him about the incident, Suh said ‘I was just being a pervert,’ ” the search warrant claims.

The search warrant also alleges Suh confessed to painting over the camera in order to hide it.

Suh was arrested on suspicion of invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor. The District Attorney’s office has not yet received the case and could file additional charges later.

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