STUDIO CITY ( — After Emmy award-winning journalist Tamsen Fadal went through a public divorce she found herself in a rut – spending countless nights on her couch in ripped yoga pants, accompanied only by her Chihuahua and a big box of pizza.

It’s a scenario many people who’ve been through a painful breakup can relate to – a tendency to cloister away from the world and stew in sadness or negativity.

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Things can seem bleak until you decide to press the reset button, and that’s just what Fadal did.

She says she’s taken back her life and wants to help others struggling with a split to do it too.

In her new book “The New Single” Fadal offers hard-won advice – with humor and candor – on how to survive a breakup and start over, 90 days at a time. That means taking better care of yourself, and that includes career, home, health, fitness and finances.

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Perhaps most importantly, she talks about ways to avoid toxic patterns so you can circumvent future heartbreak.

For more information about Fadal and her other books on relationships and dating visit her website.


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