MURRIETA (  —  Police in Murrieta said a man and a woman who carjacked a 70-year-old woman on Saturday are  behind bars.

On Saturday, around 9:30 p.m., police say  Justin Girard and Brittany Richardson, stalked a 70-year-old woman as she shopped at the Murrieta Wal-Mart.

Girard and Richardson followed the unidentified victim as she exited the store and walked toward her car. As the victim began to load packages into her vehicle Girard allegedly approached.

Officials said Girard demanded the victim’s purse and keys and a brief struggle ensued. Girard allegedly grabbed the purse and entered her vehicle. A female bystander who witnessed the  intervened and pepper sprayed Girard in an attempt to keep him from stealing the car. Girard fled in the victim’s vehicle and picked up his accomplice, Richardson, nearby.

Murrieta Police entered the stolen vehicle info into the stolen vehicle system database and put out a be on the lookout (BOLO)  for the suspects.

Within an hour, Oceanside Police Officers picked up a Lo-Jack signal in Oceanside, in the area of Wooster and Shenandoah. Oceanside Police Officers located the vehicle and conducted a felony stop.

Murrieta residents Richardson, 23, and Girard, 40, were both taken into custody without incident.

Murrieta Police transported the victim to Oceanside where she positively identified the suspects. They are being held on a myriad of charges including robbery, carjacking and elder abuse.

The victim was not injured.

KCAL9’s Jasmine Viel on Sunday spoke to shoppers who were alarmed about the brazen carjacking.

“Not good,” said Sue Leiferman.

She said the incident reminds her that “everyone needs to be on guard.”

She added, “People who just steal? We have a real problem with that, you know. So yeah, I would totally take them on and if they shoot me, oh well.”



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