VICTORVILLE ( — A Victorville teenager and her mother are speaking out about the dangers of sexting after a nude photo of the girl was posted online.

The teenager, who asked CBS2/KCAL9 to protect her identity, shared a letter she wrote to anyone in her situation experiencing the horror of having nude photos leaked on the internet.

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“All I can say [is], to the kids out there that feel like I did this morning, wanting to die or even hurt themselves, is — don’t,” the girl read.

The teen’s mother says she was sent a screen grab Friday morning of a social media account with her daughter’s nude picture on it.

The account’s headline reads in part: “you thought we are done? … the end is no where near.”

It featured not just the teenager’s photo, but others from her school, boys included.

“When I saw that picture, I wasn’t disappointed,” the girl’s mother said. “I was more scared for what she was going through.”

Her daughter was comforted by that support.

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“When my mom came to me about it, I knew she was there to support me and help me through it, not to bash me about it,” the teen said, noting her mother had warned her about the dangers of sexting.

The teen admits she made a mistake and sent the photo to a former boyfriend; now she wants the creator of the social media account that posted her image to take it down.

“I’d just ask them to delete my photos and just respect everybody else and not do it again,” she said.

Mother and daughter are hoping their ordeal, which the teen tried hurting herself over, will help others to stand up to cyberbullies and to think twice before sending anyone nude photos.

“The biggest thing I want people to know is that bullying kills, especially kids my age,” the girl said. “I urge anyone who is being bullied to reach out to someone who loves them, like a parent, or even a teacher.”

The girl’s mother is considering contacting police.

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It is illegal to post others’ nude photos online without their permission.