LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Video capturing a wild case of road rage in Hollywood Monday morning may have viewers giving more thought to keeping cool behind the wheel.

Shot on a smartphone by another driver, two men can be seen in a brawl on Highland Avenue near Hollywood Boulevard during the morning commute, one of them nearly being run over by oncoming traffic.

The man who shot the video declined to appear on camera, fearing for his safety, but said he was terrified by what he was witnessed.

“I was there. I had my car in reverse and there’s a line of cars behind me, so I really had nowhere to go,” he said.

In the video, one car can be seen trying to change lanes. Frustration builds and both drivers exit their vehicles. A fight breaks out in the middle of the street and a passing van nearly runs over one of the men as he falls to the ground.

One of the men, wearing a shirt and tie, gets back into his car and takes off.

A Good Samaritan can be seen coming to the defense of the other driver.

“I’m very thankful that no one was seriously hurt. I thought the one guy was going to go into oncoming traffic” the man who shot the video said.

A LAPD spokesperson told CBS2/KCAL9 no one has filed charges in the incident.

Both men drove away from the scene.