LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Ezell Ford’s mother spoke out Monday following the ruling of the Police Commission in the fatal shooting of her son by LAPD officers.

“In these coming months, we will ask some tough questions, we will call to answer those responsible, and as God as my witness, I will ask those who killed my precious boy to be brought to justice,” Tritobia Ford said.

The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday found that one officer acted within policy but another violated it in the fatal close-range shooting of Ford, 25, in 2014.

Steve Soboroff, the president of the commission, announced its findings in the shooting of Ezell Ford after deliberating for more than 3 ½ hours and listening public comment in a closed-door session. The commissioners at one point walked out after members of the public began chanting, but reconvened soon after.

“Our review of this evidence has been intense and intensive,” Soboroff said, adding that the decision was the result of a unanimous vote.


The findings were issued in three specific areas: tactics of the involved officers, drawing of the firearm, and use of deadly force.

“Our analysis has been deliberate, thoughtful and compassionate based on our best understanding of the facts,” Soboroff said before issuing the commission’s decision. “We also appreciated the public comments.”

Soboroff said one of the two officers identified as Police Officer III was found to have acted out of policy in all categories in connection with the fatal shooting of the 25-year-old Ford. That officer was identified by CBS2 as Sharlton Wampler.

The second officer, identified as Police Officer II, was found to have been within policy in the category of tactics, the second drawing of the weapon, use of nonlethal force, and use of deadly force. That officer was identified by the news station as Antonio Villegas. Villegas was found in violation in only one area — an earlier drawing of a gun before the final use of deadly force.

Tritobia says she was relieved after the announcement, and wanted to thank Soboroff.

“My initial reaction was ‘hallelujah’,” Ford said. “I felt some compassion from (Soboroff), although I still was doubtful but he made a believer out of me today. Thank you Mr. Soboroff.”