EL SERENO (CBSLA.com) — Some are already giving a thumbs-down to a new movie about life in East Los Angeles over concerns the film, which is still in production, perpetuates stereotypes.

As KCAL9’s Jennifer Kastner reports, a photograph of a sign in El Sereno that reads “Eastside Café does not support Low Rider film exploitation” has gone viral.

The photo is referring to the upcoming lowrider film, which stars actress Eva Longoria, who tweeted a picture with her co-star on set.

That set was situated at 3C’s Auto Repair just feet from the Eastside Café, which has taken to social media criticizing the film and crew.

The café is a culture arts center and claims the film perpetuates negative stereotypes about Latino culture in a community still healing from recent gang violence.

One comment from a Facebook user reads:

“They should stop portraying us as just uneducated, gang bangers, convicts, etc. Our people are so much more than just that.” The post also attacks the production crew for painting a wall, which used be a mural by a local artist.

Coco Arredondo says he owns the wall and 3C’s and both he and the artist were compensated and decided they’d re-paint it down the road.

“Oh, I had no problem with it because I knew the artist would come back in and put it back,” Arredondo said.

He and many of the people CBS2 talked with in the area believe Eastside Café is being too sensitive, Kastner reported.

“It’s a movie and a movie can be about everything,” said Enrique Aguilera, a local barber. Aguilera believes the film and crew have helped the area.

“They bring money to El Sereno. They open this community to more business,” he said.

The cafe hasn’t responded to requests from CBS2 for an interview. The news station also reached out to Universal Pictures late Monday for comment about production of the film, but hasn’t received a response as of yet.


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