BEVERLY HILLS ( — Police are still searching for a driver they say attacked a valet parking attendant and then tried to run him over outside a Beverly Hills restaurant Sunday night.

The valet worker at The Stinking Rose, located on 55 North La Cienaga Boulevard, declined to go on camera, but told CBS2/KCAL9 a customer spat in his face then tried to run him over in a silver SL500 Mercedes.

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The victim says he was on the hood of the car for at least 30 feet while other customers were screaming for the driver to stop.

“They tried to run me over,” the victim said.

“He was like kinda pushing me with the car. I was going to get trapped with the column, and at that moment I decided to jump.”

General manager Stephen Lakis says he heard the commotion, ran outside and witnessed the entire incident, which he says began when the customer didn’t have cash to pay for valet.

“You fear for somebody’s life when you see them on the hood of a car with somebody that made an attempt to come at you. And then the guy is getting ready to leave, so I was holding onto the side of the car screaming for him to get off the car,” Lakis said.

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Beverly Hills police say they are reviewing security tape but aren’t releasing it at this time.

This is the second time in two months this particular valet worker has been attacked.

“I hope he doesn’t do that to other people you know,” the victim said.

Beverly Hills police say they are investigating both attacks.


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Police Searching For Driver Who Attacked Valet Parking Attendant In Beverly Hills