It’s no surprise that Google is the number one source of information in the world; in a second a wealth of instant information can arrive at your fingertips on any subject imaginable. It’s is also a great resource for the questions, for whatever reason, we just don’t want to ask someone else. Google allows those anonymous answers to our deepest, darkest questions without the fear of judgment. What Google will do is return a wealth of articles, what Google won’t do is weed out the right information. In an innovative new partnership cleverly named “GOOGELLEELLE Magazine taps a team of credible experts to get us the right answers to the most googled beauty questions on the Internet.

ELLE Beauty Director, Emily Dougherty, joins Alia Ahmed-Yahia on this week’s Style Scouting podcast to share what really happens in the halls of a high fashion & beauty magazine, what it’s like to test every beauty product that goes in the magazine, the trends and treatments she’s loving now and answers to your most Googled questions by state. Dougherty weighs in on how to get Beyonce’s glow (#8), how to hide wrinkles (#1 in Florida), how to clear up breakout’s fast (#1 in Wisconsin) and more!

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#4 “How Do I make My Eyes Look Bigger?’

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Contrary to what you might think, fake lashes can weigh down your eyelids and create too thick lash lines. Instead, try Nicki Minaj’s makeup artist’s tip and curl lashes right at the root for 20-30 seconds before applying mascara. While our instinct is to reach for a dark eyeliner, Dougherty cautions against black for a wide-eyed look. “Instead of black use a nude pencil on the inner line of your lid, called the waterline,” she says while advising we choose a pencil that’s “as close as possible to your own skin tone” in order to create the image of a wider eye. You’ll instantly look more awake and alert.

Listen in for all the insider tricks, expert advice and all the products & treatments to try as Dougherty gives us definitive answers to the top 10 most asked beauty questions on the Internet.

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