On this episode of TOP Talk with Pace Webb, the chef has an in-depth conversation with food writer Krista Simmons about the hottest food trends of 2015.

The culinary world traveler starts things off on a bold note, explaining that bone broth, already a hit with Paleo dieters, will be big this year. Despite the dish’s somewhat disgusting name, Simmons makes a solid case that with its unique taste and health benefits, bone broth has a good chance of becoming the next juice craze.

Next, Simmons talked about how Sichuan cuisine is on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream. The much more palatable sounding Chinese style of cooking favors bold flavors, with the citrus-based Sichuan pepper and garlic being key ingredients. Krista also opened up about the profound effect traveling to China Sichuan province had on her life.

Finally, the foodies conclude their chat with a discussion about the difficulty of finding good barbecue outside of Texas, the many joys of oxtail and the dietary preferences of XBOX players.

Listen to the full mouth-watering interview here:

Mario McKellop is a freelance writer who has covered the pop culture beat since 2010.