REDONDO BEACH (  —  Redondo Beach lifeguards on Thursday wrestled with a naked man who swam out to sea to evade police.

It was unclear what the man was wanted for. What was clear was that the man fought every attempt to be brought to custody.

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The incident was first reported around 10:20 p.m.

Twenty minutes later, the fight was still on-going. It was unclear exactly when it started by Stu Mundel, reporting overhead in Sky9, said “we’ve been out here for some time now.”

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The incident took place in the waters off Catalina Avenue and Coral Way. The suspect and lifeguards appeared to be hundreds of feet offshore.

It was unclear if the man entered the water naked or ditched his clothes in an attempt to make it harder to capture him.

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A car crashed into a wall near the incident allegedly after a pursuit. One suspect from the vehicle was taken into custody. It is believed the man in the water was also involved in that pursuit that ended with a crash.