LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — With Mother’s Day a few days away, procrastination could have an unintended benefit if you haven’t yet bought flowers for mom.

Each flower – even different colors – have different meanings, and all good sons and daughters want to make sure they get the right bloom for mom.

At the California Flower mall in downtown L.A., a printout of flowers and their meanings will help personalize the perfect bouquet.

Peonies mean healing, while orchids mean delicate beauty and hydrangeas signify perseverance – so these make the perfect bouquet of flowers for a mom who has survived cancer or overcome another major life challenge.

Traditional roses are always a safe bet, but make sure to choose the right color. Pink means admiration and appreciation, while love equals passionate love. Red mixed with white says unity and the color yellow means friendship.

Another avenue to consider is the month of mom’s birthday. If mom was born in January, that’s the month of the carnation. April is a daisy, May is a lily and August is a dahlia, to mention a few.

Opting for tulips? Pink is the best color, meaning caring. Sunflowers say adoration and adding baby’s breath means festivity.

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