PANORAMA CITY (  —  Authorities announced the arrest of a 21-year-old Oxnard woman they said worked with a male accomplice to strong rob lone females walking in Panorama City.

Victoria Mello, 21, was arrested Wednesday, police said.

Investigators said they recovered the Ford F-150 truck believe used in the crimes parked near Mello’s residence. Authorities said they also recovered a replica handgun and other weapons.

The suspect’s vehicle was captured on surveillance video, police said.

Investigators determined the man they believed to be Mello’s accomplice was 26-year-old Javier Diaz. He was already in custody on an unrelated arrest warrant.

Both Mello and Diaz are being held on the robbery charges.

In the various robberies, police said Diaz drove the truck and when he and Mello encountered a woman walking alone, Mello would jump out of the vehicle and demand the victim’s property, usually her purse. She would then get back in the truck and the couple would flee.


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