VAN NUYS ( — A local couple is preparing for the arrival of their first baby after Abby Wake learned eight months into her pregnancy that she was expecting.

Wake says she’s dreamed of being a mom but thought she’d have several years before she’d have a baby.

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But, last week, Wake learned she had just weeks to get ready for baby Isaac’s arrival.

“And he was just like, ’32 weeks.’ He was just doing the measurements. And we were like, ‘I’m sorry?’ ” she told CBS2’s Kristine Lazar.

An ultrasound last week revealed that Wake was eight months pregnant and she says she had no idea.

“I had no symptoms,” she said.

Her boyfriend Jarryd Gorman noticed a small belly but they both thought it was weight gain and bloat as Wake is lactose intolerant. She also has an irregular period and says she dismissed movement as gas.

” ‘Cause it wasn’t distinct. There weren’t like kicks and huge movements. It was just like gurgles,” she said.

It was eventually Gorman who suspected a baby when he put his hand on Wake’s belly at a concert.

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“I felt the baby kick and I looked at her and said, ‘I think you’re definitely pregnant,’ ” he said. “We need to go see someone straight away.”

The couple visited Payman Joseph, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Van Nuys, who says Wake may have been surprised but he wasn’t.

“It is more common than most people think,” he said.

But Joseph said her case is unique.

“She’s very thin compared to a lot of the other women that I’ve seen this in,” he said.

The couple is now concentrating on building a nursery and keeping Gorman in the U.S. for his baby boy’s birth. His Australian visa is set to expire at the end of the month.

Because Wake didn’t get prenatal care until she was eight months along, her doctor has sent her to see a specialist for a more detailed ultrasound.

But, he says, he is still confident that she can have a normal and healthy delivery.

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