Supported by an aging population and those who are choosing to remain active in their later years, the healthcare industry is currently seeing an increase in the demand for medical services. In effect, employment opportunities for health services managers nationwide are projected to grow by 23 percent in the coming years. In addition to holding a master’s degree in health services, public health or business administration, new hires are required to follow advancements made in healthcare technology.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Andre S. Avramchuk)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Andre S. Avramchuk)

“In the last couple of years, the need for tech-savvy healthcare managers in L.A.-based markets has increased, due to new technologies being introduced at a rapid pace,” said Dr. Andre S. Avramchuk, an assistant professor and faculty director of healthcare management programs at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). “From the advances in telemedicine to the continuing revolution in 3-D printing, healthcare managers have a steeper tech learning curve to climb.”

How is technology improving health care management in L.A.?

“Technology helps healthcare managers gather and use evidence for decision-making. Los Angeles’ healthcare organizations are complex and multifaceted, so using the right and comprehensive evidence is paramount to healthcare management processes and outcomes.”

How is technology remodeling a manager’s marketability?

“Tech-wise, healthcare managers are more employable and higher paid because they can arrive at optimal decisions quicker. One simply cannot manage in a healthcare environment these days without a computer, smart phone or sophisticated technology-based equipment.”

What is CSULA doing to prepare aspiring managers?

“CSULA has an established master of science program in healthcare management that provides a cutting-edge understanding of the healthcare technology needs in Los Angeles. Our graduate students have just won one of the top awards in a statewide college bowl, organized by the American College of Healthcare Executives, where technology considerations were among the key components.”

What is your message to endeavoring managers? 

“Aspiring healthcare managers would be well served by educating themselves in the current technology trends specific to this market. These trends are best understood in the context of core management processes and applicable healthcare laws that dramatically change the care delivery landscape we used to know.”

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