BALDWIN HILLS ( — A 3.9-magnitude earthquake struck Baldwin Hills early Sunday morning.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake hit at 4:07 a.m. with an epicenter 1 kilometer west north west of View Park-Windsor Hills. It was felt as far north as Santa Barbara and as far east as San Bernardino.

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A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson says no damage has been reported and the department is no longer in earthquake mode.

USGS Seismologist Valerie Thomas, who lives about a mile from the area, described the shaking as similar to being close to a moving “heavy train,” but said nothing in her home fell from the walls.

Other locals expressed shock.

“I haven’t felt one like that in a while. It was really scary,” Woodland Hills resident Kierra Stanley said.

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“It was rolling and rocking a little bit,” Woodland Hills resident Ben Cooper added, noting he wasn’t so stunned by the shaking. “I’m used to earthquakes.”

USGS reported a 2.1-magnitude earthquake struck the area, followed by a 1.8-magnitude quake, shortly before 1 p.m.

It remains unclear which fault caused the shaking.

“It is in the area of the Newport-Inglewood fault. So far this morning we have not had a chance to establish what fault this morning’s earthquake is associated with. But, yes, we are in a known fault area,” Thomas explained.

Thomas also said the quake should remind residents to always be prepared.

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“The types of earthquakes are natural and normal for this part of the country,” Thomas said. “It’s a good opportunity to be reminded that we should all be working on our preparation at all times because something larger could happen — not necessarily associated with this earthquake but simply that earthquakes do occur around here and being prepared is always a good thing.”