SEAL BEACH ( — Officials Thursday warned beachgoers to use caution while in the water of Seal Beach due a recent shark sighting in the area.

Two juvenile great white sharks up to six feet in length were seen swimming around 10 a.m. Wednesday in the waters off the coast of Seal Beach and Sunset Beach, according to the Seal Beach Marine Safety Department.

Officials said they received several videos and reports of sharks swimming in the area. By late afternoon, the sharks were spotted off Sunset Beach.

Around 20 signs were posted to warn swimmers, surfers, and other beachgoers of the possible hazard in response to the sightings.

Shark sightings along Seal Beach are known to be rare in the area. Officials explained sharks that typically travel through the area swim to another destination.

Lifeguards plan to go into the water once again today to look for the sharks.

According to authorities, the sharks do not seem to be threatening in nature, and the beach has not been closed. However, lifeguards advised it is best to take precaution.

“The sharks are out there, and they’ve been out there for at least a couple days,” said Chief Joe Bailey. “We want people to make their own informed decisions as to if they want to get in the water or not.”

The Seal Beach Marine Safety Department confirmed this has been the first shark sighting in the area this year.


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