By Lauren Meltzer

LOS ANGELES ( — Caffeine has become a staple within the daily routine of many residents here in Southern California.

Thanks to Ash Crawford, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and businessman, you can essentially fulfill coffee and tea cravings at any time of day by using his body scrub products every time you take a shower.

Crawford developed Luv Body Scrub with his older brother, Mukunda Feldman, in 2014.

“We are a new and humble coffee and tea body scrub company,” Crawford explained. “We believe a happy, healthy and sexy you is the best you.”

The shower scrubs like coffee with coconut and green tea with lemongrass are developed from homemade recipes that exfoliate dry areas to make them feel silky smooth, tighten and tone areas, minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and act as an anti-inflammatory and healer.


“Coffee + Coconut” and “Green Tea + Lemongrass” flavored body scrubs. (photo credit:

Crawford explained to use the products, vigorously apply the scrub in small circle motions all over your body, and wait five to 10 minutes before getting into the shower. Then, simply rinse and dry off to admire your smooth skin.


“Coffee + Coconut” body scrub.                                              (photo credit:

Sounds too good to be true so far, right? It only gets better. The scrubs leave you smelling delicious and ready to start your day on a positive note.

“The magic of coffee and hot water has always been the catalyst for positive change and progress,” said Crawford. “The shower is a special place. Fears and doubts are washed away. Fresh new ideas come to life, and wants and needs find clarity.”

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“Green Tea + Lemongrass” body scrub.                                (photo credit:

According to Crawford, his goal for Luv is to help customers get the most #KissableSkin by offering the best natural scrubs that are made with purposeful ingredients.

Coffee with coconut is made with coffee, cane sugar, Dead Sea salt, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, orange oil and cardamom. Green tea with lemongrass includes cane sugar, Dead Sea salt, virgin coconut oil, grape-seed oil, green tea and lemongrass.

“Luv is ingredient-driven and conscientious,” added Crawford. “What you put on your skin should be good enough to eat.”

In fact, the scrubs are actually edible but not recommended. Crawford described them as tasting super salty and sweet from the mixture of Dead Sea salt and organic sugar cane.

He acknowledged that Luv isn’t the first caffeinated body scrub line to hit the shelves; however, he has developed a niché by advertising his products through social media.

“Now, there is an outlet to reach a whole new market for coffee scrubs that may have not tried or even heard of it,” said Crawford. “It’s exciting that people talk and share their experience with our product because they love it as much as we do. That makes it all worthwhile.”

Crawford explained his idea for Luv was developed from the childhood memory of his mother crafting her own body scrubs for their family to use regularly.

“I came from a very health-conscious family,” Crawford said. “My mother always looked at labels and ingredients, and tried to source the best food products for us. She believed and instilled in me how important it is to treat our bodies well, inside and out.”

He then approached Feldman, who owns and operates a successful chain of coffee shops in Boston with his idea for an ingredient-driven coffee scrub that would be similar to what their mother used to create.

Crawford worked with Feldman to develop recipes for each body scrub scent by using some of the best sustainable-sourced farm-to-cup coffee, along with high-quality, local and natural ingredients.

“We thought, ‘Worst case scenario, we and all of our friends and family will have amazing body scrubs for life,'” Crawford joked. “Turns out, everyone who tries it loves it, too. We don’t have to keep it to ourselves.”

At the moment, Luv is produced in Massachusetts. The body scrubs are sold locally at Alfred Coffee + Kitchen in Los Angeles and are also available for purchase online.

CBS2/KCAL9 viewers may enter the code “ILUVCBS” at checkout to receive $10 off when purchasing two or more body scrubs online.


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