HESPERIA (CBSLA.com) — One of three women attacked in Hesperia by a man she says was covered in blood and tried to kidnap her niece has come forward with video of the incident, obtained only by CBS2/KCAL9.

Three women and a young girl run for cover inside Hesperia City Hall as the suspect is seen on the cell phone video standing in the doorway, chasing after them.

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Scared and desperate, the woman holding the camera backs away and turns down a hall. The bloodied man is seen chasing her before running at another woman, raising his fist to her and attempting to grab the little girl.

The women are cornered and alone. A hand then reaches and grabs the bloodied man’s shirt while the women and young girl cry for help. One woman grabs the little girl and runs. By this time, 24-year-old Jessica Corrales had had enough.

“I just saw my mom with blood on her… And my niece. So then I said, OK, somebody needs to do something,” she said. “So I saw some folding chairs, I picked up the chair and I just started beating him with it.”

Help finally arrived and Reginald Peralta, 30, from Los Angeles, was taken down by city employees.

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“He looked like a zombie,” Corrales said. “It was mainly grabbing his blood and smacking us. But he would smack it hard in our face and make sure that it rubbed all over us.”

Deputies say minutes before the video was shot, Peralta was cracked in the head by skateboarder for kicking the skateboarder’s dog several times next to City Hall.

Corrales has a hard time watching the cell phone video and listening to the terror in the voices of her family members.

“Every time I watch it I just start crying because it looks so unreal. It looks like it didn’t happen, but it did,” she said.

Deputies don’t know if Peralta was on drugs had been drinking.

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Peralta is scheduled to appear in court Thursday and faces charges of attempted kidnapping, assault and animal cruelty.