HEMET (CBSLA.com) — When Hemet resident Jamess Bailey looked out his window at 3 a.m. Thursday morning he had no idea why there were so many police were on his block.

“I told my wife something weird happened because there wasn’t any damage to the taxi,” Bailey said.

Officers say 33-year-old Wayne Morgan held up a cab driver at gunpoint onBailey’s block,  the 200-block of Downen in Hemet.

Morgan hailed the cab just a few blocks away and then police say he pulled a gun on the driver, and demanded cash. Once the alleged thief was out of the taxi police say he walked up behind it and the driver put the car in reverse and slammed into him.

“A taxi cab – right there. He was like, facing that way. There was a guy in a gray sweater laying in the street – he was bald headed. I didn’t know what happened- if he got hit or something and there were a lot of cops,” says Bailey

Police say the firearm was actually a BB gun but police say there was no way for the cab driver to have known that. Bailey says the cab driver appeared uninjured.

“He was kind of a big guy. He was talking to the police. He looked like he was kind of shooken up,” Bailey said.

Police told Wait Moran will recover – he had a minor head injury.

Police say at this point the cab driver is not facing any charges. They say he was properly defending himself.


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