LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The “Finish the Ride” movement had a major show of support Sunday morning when a huge crowd of cyclists and walkers took to the streets of L.A.

They campaign is about showing motorists the importance of sharing the road.

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The cause couldn’t be more important to cyclist Damian Kevitt. He started “Finish the Ride” when his own ride, traveling the same road the event follows, was cut short by a car. The driver hit Kevitt, dragging him hundreds of feet, before taking off.

Kevitt suffered broken bones and had to have his leg amputated.

“He lost his leg in the accident, but instead of letting that get him down, he decided to persevere and start a movement,” cyclist Justin Hager said.

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Kevitt hopes “Finish the Ride” helps drivers “be aware of the fact that you are responsible for the the other people around you.” He says that means putting down the cell phone and paying attention.

He admits his movement has made a difference but change is a long road: “The number of people killed, the number of people sent to the hospital – the figures are still gruesome.”

Last year’s event was only for cyclists but this year there were four different rides and two runs.

“Users are everybody: walkers, bicyclists, automobiles,” cyclist Dorothy Wong said.

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Kevitt says he’s grateful so many are taking part and hopes even more join him in helping make the streets a safer place.