GARDEN GROVE ( — A Garden Grove family is keeping the memory of their toddler alive by raising funds to provide swim scholarships for those who can’t afford classes.

The Gomez’s son Max, known to his family as Maxi, drowned in the family pool Oct. 20, 2013.

“I came out and he was over here on this side of the pool. And that’s when I jumped in,” said Michelle Gomez, the child’s mother.

His mother explains that she found her son floating in the deep end after the child managed to open a sliding glass door as she did laundry inside.

Despite rescue efforts, Maxi died.

The family at the time did not have a safety fence around the pool as they couldn’t afford one but now do as a result of a donation by Life Saver Pool Fence.

“The company Kings Pool Fencing came out and they installed the fence that was donated,” said Max Gomez, the child’s father.

The Gomez family is raising money for a charity called Maxi’s Gift to provide free swim lessons for children who can’t afford them.

“This also helps us in keeping his memory alive. By doing this and doing this in his honor, other children will benefit and they’ll know who Maxi is,” he said.

His mother said: “Our son has showed us that even though he’s dead, he’s still with us.”

So far, Maxi’s parents have raised more than $500. Click here to learn about the cause.


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