NEWPORT BEACH ( — The city of Newport Beach voted to beef up the police presence in one popular area of that coastal community.

Last year, noise, public intoxication, and property crimes made the Balboa Peninsula the busiest area in the city for police calls.

For years, there have been complaints about rowdy crowds on the peninsula, where there are dozens of nightclubs and other hotspots.

On Tuesday night, the City Council took action and voted to add three more police officers and a sergeant in the peninsula during peak periods, like weekend nights and summertime.

The cost: $565,000.

“I think it was a poor decision and I think it’s a waste of taxpayer money with $570,000 per year they are going to be spending on four officers, not counting their pensions,” Michael Glenn, a Newport Beach resident, said. “We’re already in a bad spot with pensions as it is and I think that stacking onto that is a bad idea.”

But some residents say it’s about time more police are on the peninsula cracking down and not just on unruly revelers.

“There was a meeting here last week with Homeland Security. With the Harbor Patrol. There is an extraordinary amount of heroin flowing into Newport Beach and Costa Mesa and we think that the peninsula needs extra police presence,” Ann Parker, another resident, said.

Meanwhile, business owners KCAL9’s Stacey Butler spoke with are thrilled with the additional police presence.

More officers will likely be added by this summer, Butler reported.


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